Friday, January 15th, 2016


Hillary Clinton and the Gender Card: Golden Ticket or Albatross Around Her Neck?

Poor Hillary. I don’t care for her politics or her person, but her “if-you-can’t-find-‘em-grind-‘em” ambition to be president makes me wince for her. Could the woman have sacrificed any more of herself in the public eye or gained any less by doing so? She is a study in how not to become the first woman president of the United States of America. Timing is everything, and Hillary Clinton missed “historical” by eight years. Yeah, yeah, she would be the first woman president, but we’ve already had the first black president,Read More

Press Suddenly Weighs Whether Sanders Could Derail Hillary

(Fox News) – One of the goals of President Obama’s State of the Union last night was to emphasize liberal issues, such as gun control, that could ease Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House. But first she’s got to win the Democratic nomination, and for the first time in this contest, the mainstream media are considering the possibility that this isn’t a slam dunk. The media’s conventional wisdom has long been that Hillary might stumble in an early state or two, but she was still a virtual lock toRead More