Common Core: School is in and Your Children Are Learning to be Good Little Muslims

All across the nation public schools are back in session. Do you know what your children are learning? With the advent of Common Core, they are learning to be good little Muslims. That’s right. Thanks to common core and the mushy-headed thinking of liberal public school officials, American school children are being instructed in the fundamentals of Islam. There are approximately 320 million Americans of whom more than 70 percent or 210 million self identify as Christians. Only 2.6 million American citizens (less than one-percent) are Muslims. Yet while Christianity is strictly verboten in public schools, students throughout America are being required to learn the fundamentals of Islam.

In public school classrooms from the West Coast to the East, students are being taught, among other things of dubious validity, that Islam is the religion of peace. In North Carolina public schools Islam is included in vocabulary lessons. In Florida students are taught the five pillars of Islam. In New York students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. The Common Core curriculum also requires public schools to do such things as:

  • Take field trips to mosques (but do not dare let the bus stop at a Christian church or a Jewish Temple).
  • Encourage students to question the Holocaust.
  • Make students kneel and learn to pray in the manner of Muslims (but do not dare allow them to utter a Christian prayer).
  • Take days off from school to observe Muslim holy days.

How does a religion that is so small a part of the American landscape and so closely tied to the most despicable acts known to man generate the political support to force itself on a society that, at the very least, views it as suspect? Fairly or not most Americans associate Islam with terrorists and their dastardly acts. When Americans think of Islam, they tend to think of such things as the beheading Christians, the destruction of cultural antiquities, the demolitions of archeological sites, Sharia Law, and the kidnapping and murder of young girls whose only “crime” is trying to get an education. Yet American school children are being required to learn the fundamentals of this religion in educational institutions financed by their parent’s tax dollars.

Part of the explanation for this absurdity—as is so often the case—is money. The largest developer of common core instructional materials is publishing giant Pearson; a company financed in large part by Libyan stockholders. It takes little imagination to deduce that Libyan Muslims are using their monetary clout to force Pearson to generate Islam-friendly instructional materials and to entice public school systems to use these materials. The Godfather of communism, Lenin, said that if you give Americans enough rope they will hang themselves. It looks like he was right. The only thing he got wrong was that it is Muslims not communists who are giving us the rope to hang ourselves.

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