Does Snoop Not Have A Point?



The liberal know-it-alls are at it again. This time they have their sights set on Snoop Dog for speaking truth. The USA Today is right there in the middle of it — as usual. See here for details if you can stomach a sample of their usual hysterical rantings.

For those who don’t follow Mr Dog’s day-to-day narrative, here’s his point in a nutshell. Celebrity singer Akon is doing some amazing works bringing electrical lighting and various modern day luxuries to Africa in an effort to significantly improve the quality of life for the most in need. This is a worthy and ambitious project that deserves to be recognized. Snoop claims that no one has heard about it because the media is too busy doting over Mr(Ms, Mrs, Her Majesty) Jenner.

His crime was referring to Miss Caitlyn Jenner as a science project.

Is it wrong for Snoop to call Bruce Jenner’s transformation a science project? I can think of many things he could be called worse than that. After all, does Snoop not make a valid point? Our nation is obviously obsessed with Mr Jenner’s transformation. It’s on every channel, in every magazine. What seems to be lost from the story line is this: Why did Bruce do this? It wasn’t for the greater good. It was for his own personal good. He says he wanted to feel ‘right’ and belong? Where exactly does he belong? Perhaps someone smarter than this author can answer.

I am not saying that he should not have the right to slice and dice himself at will — let’s face it the government has taken far too many of our rights away as it is. In fact, contrary to the fear mongering on the left, I can’t think of a single person promoting taking away Jenner’s right to do with a Cuisinart as he wishes.

Snoop’s point is simple, and I have to admit,  I agree with him. Why do we care? We’re fascinated by this odd situation in a car wreck sort of way.  That the media is portraying it as an act of valor is something they can’t possibly believe. Hero worship should be reserved for heroes after all.

Would we not all be better off if we celebrate people helping others rather than encouraging the most selfish among us?

Good for you Snoop.

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