Hillary: Disappointed Sanders Has Gone ‘Negative’

Hillary Clinton says she’s disappointed that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has gone negative in his campaign, as she and the Senator from Vermont head into the last hours of campaigning in first-in the nation Iowa.

“The Sanders’ campaign has gotten more negative and more personal, which I regret, because I thought we were running a really good campaign based on the issues, what we would do and how we would do it,” Clinton said on “Good Morning America”. “Anybody who knows me know I’m not in the pocket of anyone and anyone who thinks they can influence me certainly doesn’t know me. But what I do think is interesting is I’ve laid out the most comprehensive, toughest, defective plan to make sure wall Street never wrecks main street again.”
Sanders has increasingly gone on the attack against Clinton, most notably pointing to the Benghazi scandal that continues to plague her over emails she sent using an unsecured private server and her close ties to Walls Street.
On Sunday, said his campaign had raised more than $20 million in January, mostly from small donors legally allowed to donate again. That would represent a dramatic acceleration in fund-raising . He averaged raising about $11 million a month in the last quarter of 2015 — $33 million for the period — and this would indicate an ability to stay in the race for the longer haul.”

Sanders is either tied or in a dead heat with Clinton in most Iowa polls. He has said a higher turnout would benefit him. Clinton this morning said she’s hoping for a big turnout, too.
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“I’m really pumped up and enthusiastic about the way my campaign has been moving toward this day. And it really does come down to who turns out. I’ve been telling people the weather forecast today that the blizzard won’t get here until after the caucuses, so don’t be deterred. We really do want everybody to come out and to be part of this.”

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