What Actor Chris Pratt Just Said About Christianity Will Drive Hollywood Liberals Up the Wall

The highest-grossing actor of 2014, star of the record-setting “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Lego Movie,” has a long list of admirable, conservative traits — a rare thing to say for anyone who makes a living in elitist Hollywood.

But Chris Pratt happens to be one of the most conservative men in the business, with a long history of supporting our troops, taking pro-gun and pro-hunting stances and publicly proclaiming his unwavering Christian faith and strong family values to the world.

He recently discussed a scare that he and his wife, actress Anna Faris, had when their newborn son was born nine weeks prematurely and spent the first month of his life in an intensive care unit — describing how they relied on their faith in the Lord to get them through a very dark time.

“We were scared for a long time. We prayed a lot,” Pratt explained. “It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it. The baby was so beautiful to us, and I look back at the photos of him and it must have been jarring for other people to come in and see him, but to us he was so beautiful and perfect.”

Though some of the nation’s top doctors said their son would suffer a lifetime of disabilities, God healed their son while Pratt and his wife prayed for their baby boy at his side for weeks straight.

Pratt often posts Bible verses on his Facebook page, something that you’ll rarely see from anyone else even remotely connected to liberal Hollywood.

The actor even attributed meeting his lovely wife thanks to the help of God.

“Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny,” Pratt said (H/T Q Political).

Pratt takes his profession seriously but had no intention of spending the rest of his life in Los Angeles. His conservative work ethic drives him to work hard while he can and do whatever it takes to make sure his wife and child have the best possible lives that he can provide for them.

“I have my eyes on the prize. The big picture is my wife and my son and I living somewhere other than L.A., just being able to be a Boy Scout leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, having fun. I could coach him in football. That’s the goal, and I need to do as many big movies as I can while there’s still time. Because you never know what’s next,” he said.

Pratt is the epitome that type of guy you want as a close friend because you know he’ll always have your back, no matter what.

He stars in the just-released “Jurassic World,” the fourth installment of “Jurassic Park,” and anyone who stands behind this good Christian man ought to consider watching it in theaters — because aside from his other outstanding qualities, he’s a top-notch actor.



Source: http://conservativetribune.com/chris-pratt-christianity/

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