Words That Were Absent From the Democrat Debate

Seriously though, what do you expect from the party that booed God three times at their convention?

The debate last night, and liberal policies in general, are an embarrassment to the Founding Fathers and the values this country was built on. It was nothing if not more proof that liberals only hope is to stir emotions and avoid facts and specifics at all cost.

For months years now people have been saying that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a single accomplishment to her name. You would think that after hearing this over and over from her critics she would explain to the American people why she is qualified to be president. But of course, in her closing statement the one reason she gives for people to vote for her…is that she’s a woman.

Lord help us if we can’t figure out a way to beat this batch of Democrats. Hillary should be in prison, Bernie should go hang out in some socialist countries and see how well that works out, and nobody even knows the names of the other old rich white people. #Forward



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